New Bedlam: Town Archives Vol.2 – Now Available!

New Bedlam: Town Archives Vol.2 technically released yesterday, March 21st, exclusively in digital formats through Smashwords and Kindle.

Come back to New Bedlam, celebrate our unofficial bi-centennial year with a festival like no other. The monsters have definitely escaped their bounds, and the writers will never sleep again.

Volume 2 includes stories from: Brock Cooper, John Grover, Mike Pennington, Darlene Henderson, Dave Rex, K.V. Taylor, Richard Sampson, Nancy Gray, Gregory L. Hall, Janett L. Grady, Paul Anderson, Natalie L. Sin, Jeff Parish, Wayne Goodchild, and Neil Colquhoun. Poets include: Zombie Zak, John Irvine, Rich Ristow and Gerald So.

Dare you walk the streets with these tortured souls? Will you be able to escape the dark corners of New Bedlam?

Click through to find purchase information for your e-reader device.

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