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New Bedlam – The Complete Town Archives

Although we are releasing both Vol.1 and Vol.2 exclusively in electronic formats, we are considering a print version which will combine the two in one massive collection of New Bedlam fiction and poetry.

However, we’ve decided that this will be a limited edition release, and we’ll only undertake the project if we have enough interest. Why? Because we’ve seen the markets fluctuate a bit more than we’d like, and we want to be fair to our authors.

We’ve had some fantastically supportive authors over the years, and we want to help out those that are participating in the Complete edition by giving them a bonus payment.

Proceeds from the sale of the print version – should it happen – will be divided between the imprint (35% for comps/future anthologies) and the authors (65% split evenly). We will only put it through if we have enough confirmed pre-orders by June 30th.

13 / 250 (5.20%)

We’ve now set the price at $14.99, not including shipping. If you’d like to put your name in, please use our Belfire Press cart. You won’t be charged a thing now, but when we’re ready to move into production, an invoice will be sent either by email or Paypal – please make sure to note your payment method!

Prices including shipping are as follows:

$19.99 incl. S&H – US
$22.99 incl. S&H – Canada
$23.99 incl. S&H – UK, Europe, Australia

New Bedlam: Town Archives Vol.1

Now available through Smashwords, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Diesel.

New Bedlam: Town Archives Vol.2 has been released!

Now available through Smashwords, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Diesel.